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Wall panel Isowall Frigo Plissé suited for the curtain walls of S02 buildings, cold storage cells, processing rooms and internal partitions.

Visible fixing
Intervention on cold storage facilities
Thermal insulation
Wall panel
Polyurethane foam


Isowall Frigo Plissé is a sandwich panel for covering suited for installations on walls of cold storage cells, temperature with trolled rooms and partitions. The joint has a labyrinth groove with exposed fixing. It is possible to choose the type of joint according to thermal insulation and air tightness requirements.


  • Panel with double metal covering and micro-ridges
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Possibility to choose the joint to increase airtightness
  • Joint with exposed fixing
  • It can be installed vertically or horizontally


Should you need more information (sizes, installation, length, weight), download the following documents

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The choice must be made depending on the use, the employment area and the standard thicknesses in stock

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Ral 1014
Ral 2004
Ral 3020
Ral 5005
Ral 5024
Ral 6002
Ral 7004
Ral 7035
Ral 9003
Ral 9006


Fixing plate

Metal plate for stress distribution when installing wall panels with concealed fixing elements.

Joint cover of extruded aluminium

Extruded aluminium element to close the cross junction between panels.

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