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Isofire Roof Fono sandwich panel for rock wool roofing, with a 5-rib ribbed profile. Thanks to its internal sheet with micro-holes, it is highly efficient in terms of acoustic performance and sound absorption.

Acoustic Performance
Fire resistant
Visible fixing
Thermal insulation
Roofing panel
Rock wool


Isofire Roof Fono is a sandwich panel for walls of industrial buildings, processing rooms, internal partitions. The insulating layer of rock wool gives strength and protection in case of fire. The presence of an internal sheet with micro-holes makes Isofire Roof Fono a product able to satisfy sound absorption and acoustic performance requirements, like in the case of engine rooms and processing rooms.


  • Panel with double metal lining
  • Rock wool insulation
  • Joint with exposed fixing
  • Internal sheet with micro-holes
  • 5-rib ribbed profile


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