Isodeck Synth (IsopanRus)

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Isodeck Synth (Isopan Rus) polyurethane sandwich panel with ribbed profile, designed for flat roofs. The internal side consists of a synthetic membrane.

Hidden fixing
Thermal insulation
Roofing panel
Polyurethane foam


The soffit features a special synthetic membrane that allows for making flat roofs and slightly sloping roofs on industrial buildings.


  • Single-sheet panel
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Support to the soffit consisting of a synthetic membrane
  • 5-rib ribbed profile


Should you need more information (sizes, installation, length, weight), download the following documents

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The choice must be made depending on the use, the employment area and the standard thicknesses in stock

Ral 5005
Ral 6002
Ral 7004
Ral 7035
Ral 8017
Ral 9003
Ral 9006
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