Thermal insulation, soundproofing, airtight, fire resistant… Whatever solution you’re looking for, you will find the best suited for your needs.

We offer solidity, safety and the quality of the 100% Italian design. Discover the most extensive range of insulating and roofing panels on the market.

Production sites: 

Isoray polyurethane curved sandwich panel with ribbed profile, avaible with two different curve t

Production sites: 
Trevenzuolo Patrica Rumania Spain Germany Russia

Isodeck sandwich panel for polyurethane roofing, with 5-rib ribbed profile and a bituminous felt

Production sites: 
Trevenzuolo Patrica Germany Spain Germany Russia

Isogrecata sandwich panel for Polyurethane roofing, with a 5-rib ribbed profile and internal supp

Production sites: 
Trevenzuolo Patrica Rumania Spain Germany

Isovetro sandwich panel for roofing with polyurethane insulation, with a 5-rib corrugated profile

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