Isopan for Club Natació Tárraco

WHERE: Tarragona, SPAIN
PRODUCT: Isotap 80, Plisse 40 
SQM: 1,191 sq. m. Roof – 250 sq. m.Wall

The roofing of Club Natació Tárraco, located in the historic city of Tarragona, had suffered extensive damage: the corrosion and oxidation of the facility, caused by the chemicals typically used in swimming pools, had made it difficult and expensive to maintain the internal temperature, altering the Club and its image. 
For the complete replacement of the roofing, it relied on the expertise and quality of Isopan, installing 1,200 sq. m of insulating panels. According to Bordas Planas Francesc, Manager of Club Natació Tárraco, the benefits were clear from the start: the perfect insulation of the panels ensured an immediate reduction of heat loss and, as a result, energy savings, improving the temperature inside the facility and the wellbeing of its members. The replacement of the installation immediately improved the image of the Club and its members were very satisfied.

The change of the installation has implied enhanced self-esteem in this entity and its members.” Bordas Planas Francesc, Manager Club Natació Tárraco 


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