Ševčík HYDRO s.r.o.

Specialised in the production and installation of technological equipment and the reconstruction of water engineering structures since 2003, Ševèík HYDRO s.r.o. offers professionalism and expertise not only in the market of the Czech Republic but also in Asia, Africa and Europe with Slovakia, Austria and Germany. A continuously growing company that keeps abreast of the times and has also chosen to renew its image.

Precisely for this reason it sought the services of a well-established company such as Isopan, which deeply cares about its customers’ needs, through its supplier Kovotrend s.r.o., using 1744 sqm of Isofrigo panels and 325 sqm of Isobox panels to implement the project. The customers are very pleased with the result.

Realized with:

Production sites: Patrica, Trevenzuolo, Rumania, Spain, Germany
Production sites: Patrica, Romania, Spain, Germany

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