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Isopan for Oxville

SQM: 5.000

The group's history dates back to 22 years ago, but it is only recently that OXVILLE decided to make a new investment. In order to meet the demands of the domestic and foreign market, it started breeding bulls for meat production, diversifying production in the companies that are part of the group. 
Two stables, a building in which mixed feed is produced, a warehouse and an administrative office: for this project, 5,000 sq. m. of insulating panels were used, as well as 1,400 sq. m. of corrugated sheet, to make sure the climate inside the buildings would be suitable also in cold weather, since it is situated at a high altitude. The Isopan panels therefore provide the thermal comfort required for livestock breeding during both cold and warm periods. 
Mr. Neagu, the owner of Oxville, pays meticulous attention to detail and cares about aesthetics, which is why we decided to use Isopan panels. For the company, it was of crucial importance to rely on a credible and highly experienced supplier such as Isopan.

It was important for us to be able to count on a reliable supplier and Isopan can provide us high quality products at competitive conditions.Nicu Poenaru, Manager of the Oxville breeding farm 


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Production sites: Trevenzuolo, Patrica, Rumania, Spain, Germany, Russia
Production sites: Patrica, Trevenzuolo, Rumania, Spain, Germany

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