Ornellaia - Italy

Isopan for Ornellaia

WHERE: Bolgheri, Italy
PRODUCT: Isoclass 72
SQM: 242

The Ornellaia wine-producing company was founded in 1980 in the area of Bolgheri. The oenologist Axel Heinz explains how the design of the winery followed the same principles applied to the production of Ornellaia wines, which, as products of excellence, comply with strict rules to ensure the utmost quality. The result is a facility that is harmoniously situated in the Tuscan countryside, almost camouflaged in nature. To complete the project, the materials were chosen in accordance with the principles of the brand, especially for the buildings requiring insulation in order to create controlled atmosphere environments. Ornellaia has found Isopan to be a technological and environmentally friendly product with an aesthetic appeal. 

We are also glad to have found a technical, technological solution that is rather pleasing to the eye.” Axel Heinz, oenologist Ornellaia Winery


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