Isopan updates the EPD certificate: environmental impact of LEAF technology reduced by up to 20%
15 Apr 2021

Isopan updates the EPD certificate: environmental impact of LEAF technology reduced by up to 20%

New developments include the introduction of special products and the use of a new calculation approach: with the 2020 revision of the Environmental Product Declaration, Isopan renews its commitment to sustainable construction.
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28 Mar 2015


In March 2015, will be held in El Jadida, agricultural town located south of Casablanca, the 2nd edition of Médinit AGRO, an event reserved exclusively for professionals in the field present at the personal invitation, will see the participation of 50 Italian companies expression of the excellence...
Best practices
5 Feb 2015

Projects for food environments

The market, but also the strict national laws, force the producers to use the best techniques for a proper processing and storage of products. Italy has plentiful of typical products, recognized as excellences worldwide In order to reach good microclimate performances, improve the production...

Linz and “SolarCity”, sustainability under the sun

Among the most complex territorial zoning actions of the municipal administration, there is the town planning development, that has an important and critical role for the future and wellbeing of the society. Building new houses in Italy is considered as an income source for the empty funds of the...
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5 Jan 2015

BAU 2015

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Diogene: a famous architect for a small house

Diogene is a prototype created by the italian architect Renzo Piano and his staff, in collaboration with Matthias Schuler (from Transsolar, for the energetic efficiency) and Maurizio Milan (Favero & Milan, for static evaluations). It is interesting because it is a starting point for some...
Best practices
23 Oct 2014

Photocatalytic products, a new idea for the building industry

The photocatalytic products are a today’s idea, and play an important role in reducing pollution thanks to their technology that allows them to be used in a number of cases. Tiles, concretes, paints and floor coverings are only some examples. These materials are stirring a strong interest all over...

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