13 Nov 2017
In the very heart of the Maremma of Leghorn, a stone’s throw from the celebrated cypress avenue eulogised by Carducci, lies Ornellaia, a modern wine estate that is already a classic.

BOLGHERI - “To be at the top, one needs to excel in all production stages,” says Axel Heinz, oenologist of the celebrated Ornellaia winery that was set up in the early Eighties in the prized countryside of Bolgheri (LI), by the Frescobaldi family. Here, even the Isoclass insulating panels contribute to the fame of Ornellaia, reputed one of the most “iconic wineries worldwide.”

In the early Eighties Tuscany was undergoing a transformation – from producer of table wine, it was discovering its ability to bottle extremely high quality products, undoubtedly among the most prized in our country. “Today, after thirty years, it is still considered a new establishment, although it has already become a classic” says its oenologist Axel Heinz. As it lies among the hills and cypresses of a verdant and protected area – he adds – our winery needed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment: although it is a very modern building, it is highly inconspicuous from the outside.”


In order to fit in harmoniously in the building’s architecture, where dark anthracite and bronze hues are predominant, the choice of the materials to clad the 242 square metre warehouse led to opting for Isoclass by Isopan in antiqued grey, which combines the insulating properties of polyurethane with a corrugated finish and a concealed fixing system.

“For the Frescobaldi family, it is not enough to produce excellent wines to be at the top, – adds Heinz – but one needs to devote the utmost care to all stages of production. Even the construction of the warehouse needed to comply with the standards: we now have a perfectly insulated space, as well as an aesthetically pleasing and non invasive facility.”

As a “cultural product”, matching wine and art is rather natural and each year, with its “Artist’s Vintage” Ornellaia involves prestigious artists who sign a work of art and a limited edition of labels. “That is why our winery needed to be a work of modern art – concludes Heinz – set in a region with a thousand-year history. Absolutely unique, just like our wine.”  


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