Mention DOW for the new Xi'An Train Station goes to the Melbourne Amateur School of Design

27 Mar 2020

The team that received DOW Chemical's Mention for the project of the new Xi'An Train Station comes from Australia: the six architects of the Melbourne Amateur School of Design (Shi Pan, Yingna Sun, Jiaao Wang, Tingyi Wang, Xiaohan Mei, Wenjing Li) participated in the Manni Group Design Award with Mo+untain / nument, an innovative design proposal, which respects the millennial traditions of China.

The Mount Taibai as a connection between cultures

The project considers the railway terminal as a modern monument architecture that encourages different cultures, religions and economies to grow ever stronger as one. Local Xi’An people have a long tradition of worshipping Mount Taibai, the tallest mountain in Shan’Xi province. Over hundreds of years, Mount Taibai gathers local pilgrims together by offering back good luck and blessing. The mountain has the power to bind and build connections between people, allowing the exchange of goods and cultures. Therefore, the train station design mimics the topography of local mountains in the hope of creating a new monument that expresses the ambition of Xi’An city.

The design of Xi’An Train Station embraces the image of mountains through modern architectural language, while simultaneously respecting the history of the city by combining key design elements of silk and traditional Chinese roof structure. The designated spatial arrangement simulates pilgrimage experience: viewing the mountain from afar; approaching slowly and finally reaching the spanned roof.

The Mention DOW for energy efficiency

Dow, the world leader in building materials innovation, is a technical partner of Manni Group and Main Sponsor of the Manni Group Design Award. The award for the best building proposal that took energy efficiency into account was awarded by Alberto Mercati, Marketing Associate Director of Dow Polyurethanes and part of the prestigious jury of the contest.

This is Mention's motivation: «For me, among the projects that I judged, the interpretation of the Xi’an Train Station through the Mo+untain/nument concept stood out, on account of its integrated attention to detail» says Mercati. The modern interpretation of the Chinese railway terminal «pays homage to the cultural, historical and environmental sensibilities of the Xi’ An region. I was particularly impressed with how the train station design mimics the topography of local mountains. There is an inherent energy within the design and the impact it would have on the region. And it is this energy that resonates so well with Dow Energy Efficiency solutions for the building and construction industry. Through the platform of the Dow’s V PLUS PERFORM™ Program, we are striving to contribute to sustainable, innovative and future-ready buildings. The essence of the Dow V PLUS PERFORM™ Program is a collaboration across the value chain, with new visionary companies willing to transform the construction industry, to balance the needs of growth and the planet’s necessities. I am convinced that all participants for this competition will have a successful career ahead of them».

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