Manni Group - Pininfarina Workshop “The Mechanics Of Architecture: The Advantages of Dry Construction"

28 Mar 2019
Construction design, sustainability and innovation: these are the macro-subjects addressed pragmatically during the workshop organised by Manni Group under the aegis of the Order of Architects of Turin at the Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano.
March 27 2019
Pininfarina Headquarter, Cambiano (TO)
When two great teams come together and work together everyone profits.
This is what happened during the workshop on the advantages of dry construction that was held on March 27 in Cambiano (TO), at the headquarters of the prestigious Pininfarina brand. A team of Manni Group experts, in collaboration with Professor Marco Imperadori, lecturer at the University Politecnico di Milano, held a workshop for the internal training of Pininfarina architects and designers with the title “The Mechanics of Architecture: the advantages of dry construction”.
A truly momentous occasion, due to its highly technical and strategic content, under the auspices of the Order of Architects of Turin.
A great number of topics were tackled under the watchful eye of Professor Marco Imperadori, among which:
  • Industrialised construction
  • Mechanical building process, morphological characteristics
  • Design in collaboration (BIM)
  • The efficiency of thermal properties


The modular construction of Manni Green Tech

The Manni Group team, represented by the engineer Mr Enrico Benasciutti (Manni Green Tech CEO), the architect Ms Alessandra Bellutti (Manni Green Tech Marketing & Technical Manager), in collaboration with Gionata dal Pozzo of AD dal Pozzo, gave an in-depth presentation on the details of the Manni Green Tech system, showcasing some important case histories ranging from Premium Luxury Housing (Turn-Key and Brand Home) solutions to community housing projects.

 The design of Isopan systems

The workshop concluded with the architect Mr. Cesare Arvetti, a member of the R&D team of Isopan and his presentation on:

  • The countless applications of the Arkwall system that allows the customization of the external envelope of buildings (case history: “Russia – My History” museum in Volgograd)
  • Green Roof: the positive externalities of a green roof from town planning to individual buildings.
  • IsoLED, where light meets the sandwich panel

A truly extraordinary day that offered visitors a stimulating experience of comparison and growth and gave them the tools to keep working towards developing highly innovative products and projects with an increasingly low environmental impact, while meeting the strictest design requirements, an essential characteristic of all that is Made in Italy.

Manni Group Marketing Team



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