Load resistance, aesthetics and insulation: Romanian Oxville chose Isopan

20 Dec 2017
The construction of the new farm of the Romanian group required 5,000 square meters of insulating panels and 1,400 square meters of corrugated sheet metal.

BRAȘOV – “The history of the Group dates back to 23 years ago: the company started working in the agricultural sector in 1994,” says Nicu Poenaru, farm Manager at Oxville, one of the top bovine and avicultural farms in Transylvania. We are in Brașov, the old Corona, later called the 'Stalin City', a Romanian town of 309,000 inhabitants, located in a predominantly mountainous area and with an industrial vocation.

Here, where the mountains slope down to the plain, there is a new office of the Oxville Group, a farm with two animal sheds, a building designed for cheese production, a fodder storage warehouse and administrative offices: "We operate in the field of egg production for consumption, making this product available for both the domestic market and the international one," says Poenaru. “Recently, we have also started operating near Brașov, exactly in Vulcan, where we breed bulls for meat production, both for the domestic market and for exports.”

Even though this is a large structure, immersed in a large flat land, the new Oxville buildings fit in perfectly with the surrounding agricultural and natural environment: the beige walls blend with the colour of the land and the rocks, while the green roofs become one with the luxuriant vegetation: as one approaches it, the structure is reflected in all its elegance and simplicity, yet without being striking to the eye...



"The owners – says the manager of the facility – decided to invest in a bull farm to meet market demand and develop the production of companies within the Group. The new farm consists of two animal sheds, a building where we produce fodder both for internal use and for sale to third parties, a fodder warehouse and an administrative office. The entire project covers a total area of about 5,000 square metres of insulating panels and 1,400 square metres of corrugated sheet metal."

The need for thermal insulation, as well as aesthetic requirements, led Oxville to choose for its new structure sandwich panels by Isopan, the leading Italian company in the production and sale of insulating panels. "Isopan panels provide the necessary thermal comfort for the zootechnical sector, therefore to breed animals correctly, both in the summer heat and on cold winter days.



As for the roofs, Oxville choose Isocop, an excellent five-rib polyurethane sandwich panel, ideal for covering zootechnical structures and featuring a wide range of load capacities, with excellent thermal insulation features and as much as ten colours.

To insolate walls it instead used Isobox polyurethane wall panels, featuring a micro-ribbed finish and an exposed fastening system. Characterised a double microdogged metal finish, Isobox panels are available in nine different colours.



But how come the company specifically choose Isopan’s panels? “Actually – says the farm manager – it was rather easy to choose Isopan panels: Mr. Neagu, the owner of the farm, used Isopan panels also in 2009 for the barns and, as he was entirely satisfied, he wanted them again for the structure in Brașov. Moreover, Mr. Neagu pays great attention to details... this is why we opted for Isopan insulating panels."

"From a technical point of view, we decided to choose panels that are reliable and particularly resistant to loads due to winter snow, as the farm is in a mountainous area. Finally, for us it was important to be able to rely on a reliable supplier like Isopan, with over ten years of experience in the field, and the Italian company has an impressive portfolio. As a result, we were sure they were able provide us with high quality products at absolutely competitive conditions.”

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