11 Nov 2016

In response to growing demand for insulated panels with reaction and fire resistance, Isopan has invested in a new production line in the factory located in Romania wich will be operational in 2017. The new line will produce, in addition to the polyurethane sandwich panels already in production, mineral wool insulation panels.
Most of this line innovation will allow the diversification of polyurethane sandwich panels and mineral wool range with the increase of about 50% in the production capacity. The result will be a faster feedback to the market’s demands and thus, a reduction of the delivery time of orders.

The extraordinary properties of sandwich panels from Isopan make them a suitable solution as a shield against the forces of nature thanks to the protection they provide from wind, water and fire. Recognised and appreciated because they respect the environmental standards and reduce the energy consumption of the building, the panels have been redesigned also in terms of shape and design.


"The project has been studied by Isopan experts in collaboration with partners and suppliers. 40 years of experience in the technical field have enabled us to personalise a new production center with innovative systems. The new investment reflects the confidence in Isopan products used in various sectors of the construction market. With this we want to grow and strengthen our leading position, addressing the needs of all our partners, our motto is “More, faster and more diversified!”

Mr. Toni Pera, General Manager Isopan Est


Isopan is the second largest global manufacturer of insulated metal panels for residential, industrial, commercial, livestock buildings and temperature-controlled environments.

Isopan manages six companies worldwide. The production units are located in Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Russia, Mexico (Isocindu) and two trading companies in France and Czech Republic.


Contact Isopan Est:
+40 21 305 1600
Șoseaua de Centură 109
077160 Popești-Leordeni - Bucharest


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