The Isopan SpA green roof

18 Oct 2019
The roof of the executive offices at the Trevenzuolo site has changed look thanks to the installation of the GreenROOF system

The roof measuring a total of 351 square meters covering the Isopan SpA headquarters in Trevenzuolo, has been transformed into a perfect green roof thanks to the use of 54 Isodeck PVSteel panels measuring 6500 in length, 27m3 of soil and 3 weeks of labour.

The GreenROOF, being walk-on and therefore usable as a relaxation area for employees, is the ideal solution for a 30% improvement of the isolation performance of the entire facility.


On GreenROOF

GreenROOF consists in fitting the green roof system onto a flat roof made from double skin grooved sandwich panels. The external sheet is coated with a specific protective, waterproof film, in PVC or TPO (thermoplastic olefin-based elastomers). Thermal insulation is guaranteed by the insulating polyurethane or rock wool core.


The green area is divided into about 160 m2 of extensive green and 98 m2 of intensive green, with a rainwater holding capacity of about 46 litres/m2 for the extensive green area and 85 litres/m2 for the intensive green area

The following were planted on the Isopan green roof:


  •  1 Green Palmate Maple                                  
  •  3 Osmanthus                                                         
  •  2 Vanhoutte spireas                                           
  •  3 Cornus alba elegantissimas                            
  •  1 Ligustro jap. Variegatum                                   
  •  4 Panicled Hydrangeas                               
  •  3 Laurels                                                                    
  •  6 David viburnums                                            
  • 10 Wheeler's dwarf pittosporums                         
  •  15 Prostrate Rosemary plants                                 
  •  15 Spirea jap. Littel princes                          
  •  15 Loropetalums                                                
  •  15 Daylilies                                               


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