Isopan presents LEAF: the latest technology enhancing sandwich panel’s performances for more efficient, safe and sustainable envelopes

17 Jan 2017

The innovative solution for smart building will be introduced at BAU 2017 in Munich, on Tuesday, Jan  17 at 10.30 in A21 Conference room.

Isopan, the second world producer of insulating metal panels for buildings, presents the new Leaf technology that enhances the sandwich panel’s performances. Available from Summer 2017 for the full range of Isopan products, Leaf technology is officially presented at BAU 2017 Fair in Munich (16/21 January), during the conference scheduled on Jan 17th,  at 10.30 am in A21 conference room.

Efficiency, safety and sustainability are available all in one single product: a new “intelligent sandwich panel” shaped by Isopan to evolve buildings into smart buildings. Leaf technology is a low impact solution which increases thermal insulation and improves the energy performance of the overall construction, in order to offer higher living comfort and cost efficiency.



The Leaf technology by Isopan greatly improves the technical performances of insulating polyurethane panels: a lower thermal conductivity (Lambda) allows to create thinner and lighter envelopes, allowing a larger interior space to enjoy. Moreover, energy expenses can be reduced up to 20%, for both new and renovated buildings.



Isopan panels featuring the latest Leaf technology have been successfully tested according to the most severe quality standards: they achieved the highest fire reaction standards for sandwich panels, Euroclas B-s1d0, for the safety of the building and the people living in it .



Developed in cooperation with Dow Polyurethanes (, sharing Isopan’s commitment towards the reduction of the building industry’s environmental footprint, the Leaf technology production process allows lower CO2 emissions. Furthermore, thanks to the use of the Halogen-free FR (Flame Retardant) Technology, it doesn’t generate halogenating compounds, harmful if released into the atmosphere.



Isopan insulating panels featuring the Leaf technology contribute towards satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED ® V4 certification, in the areas Integrated Process, Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the most widespread building sustainability certification standard in the world, attesting long-term savings and solid returns on investments of certified constructions.


«The building industry has the greatest impact on our planet - states Francesco Manni, President of Isopan Group -. Being among the top producers of sandwich panels for construction, Isopan is deeply committed in the Reaserch & Development of increasingly energy efficient, safe and sustainable solutions and constantly dedicated to make them available - and affordable - to our customers worldwide. The LEAF technology that we are launching today is the result of this commitment and enables the entire construction industry to step forward in saving resources and reducing consumption».


«The LEAF technology by Isopan is good for people, good for the environment and good for investors, as it determines higher returns on investments – adds Alessandro Cuomo, International Market and Brand Developer of the Italian Manni Group, which controls Isopan companies  -. It represents a true example of how the benefits of an industrial product can spread and be shared all along the value chain, as stated in the circular economy model. Since this model is becoming more and more sustainable also from a financial point of view, business practices based on the old “make-use-dispose” paradigm are definitely being overcome».

Thanks to the Leaf Technology, Isopan is ready to add further value to your building.



Isopan is a world leader in the production of metal insulating panels for building envelopes. Based in Italy and with five companies in the world (Germany, Romania, Spain, Russia and Mexico), for over forty years Isopan has been committed to improving the construction industry by technological innovation, efficient logistics and excellent service, paying special attention to energy efficiency and the reduction of environmental footprint. It promotes a sustainable building industry developing high performing products and innovative solutions.​

Isopan is part of Manni Group, the Italian Holding company based in Verona, that has been operating for over 70 years promoting innovation in the widest applications involving the working and use of steel. The company is committed to increase sustainable, safe and efficient constructions through a constant commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, renovations, reduction of consumption and emissions and increased use of renewable energy. It also controls Manni Sipre, leading company in engineered steel components and systems for the building industry, and Manni Energy, which designs and manufactures renewable energy systems, ensures energy efficiency and Operations & Maintenance services. The Holding includes 12 operating companies, 23 Production, service and distribution centers in Italy and abroad, 1,000 employees, € 500 million annual revenue (2015), 10,000 customers, 60 countries supplied in 4 continents.



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