Everything you need to know about sandwich panels: students meet Isopan

6 Dec 2017
COSP at Isopan
Students meet the job market thanks to the Masterclass held by Manni Group, the Provincial Educational and Professional Guidance Committee (COSP Verona) and “VIA! Veneto in Alternanza”, a project promoted by Veneto’s Regional Authority.

TREVENZUOLO – How are the sandwich panels used for the roofs and walls in the most modern and efficient shopping centres, industrial plants, farms and logistic hubs all over the world made? In Trevenzuolo, a few dozen kilometres from Verona, Isopan makes several hundred square metres of them thanks to a highly automated system that works in continuous production mode for 300 metres.

This is where 80 students in their last year of studies from the main technical schools in Verona, such as Cangrande, Marconi and Anti, were able to take a close look at the whole process thanks to the "The construction world" Masterclass promoted by COSP Verona and the model of Veneto’s Regional Authority “VIA! Veneto in Alternanza”, hosted by Manni Group, the holding company owner of the international group Isopan.

With its two plants in Italy (in addition to Trevenzuolo there is also Patrica, in the province of Frosinone) and its foreign subsidiaries Isopan Iberica (Tarragona, Spain), Isopan Est (Bucharest, Romania), Isopan Deutschland (Halle, Germany), Isopan Rus ( Volgograd, Russia) and the IsoCindu joint venture (Guanajuato, Mexico), Isopan is "a company that provides the building industry with its profound knowledge of international building techniques and standards," says young engineer Marta Lupi, “and has always been committed to innovating products and services to offer solutions capable of improving the performance of buildings in terms of safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability".

The stop at the headquarters of Manni Group was inevitable. In addition to Isopan, it also controls Manni Sipre and Manni Energy, which are also involved in the Cosp project. When welcoming students, President Giuseppe Manni explained how "Manni Group, established 70 years ago, can now count on more than 1,000 employees in 21 production sites throughout the world. Our goal is to offer solutions for a building sector where energy savings and environmental protection go hand in hand with safety.”

The Group’s HR Manager Nicola Bresciani gave the students some practical advice to present themselves to companies. “The iGen, or Post-Millennials, i.e. young people born between 1995 and 2010, have a leg up on others,” he said. “They have grown up in the modern technological age, using the Internet and social networks daily, but they will need to prove that they can use them also at work, and not just in personal life.”

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