CAPSULE by Manni Green Tech wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

18 Dec 2020
CAPSULE by Manni Green Tech wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020
For the second year running, Manni Group is amongst the winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards: the accolade is awarded to CAPSULE, the multifunctional module with Manni Green Tech technology, in the Construction category.

A pre-assembled lightweight steel load-bearing structure completed by dry cladding systems and systems able to rapidly create and increase spaces for daily living activities. It is called CAPSULE, the Made in Italy design created to meet the Covid emergency situation: the concept is signed by the designing company Il Prisma, the off-site structure is by Manni Green Tech and the interior design by Lago.


Flexible and safe spaces

The pandemic brought about a situation in which an urgency emerged forcefully to reconsider the places of urban life in which man seeks beauty, sustainability and ease of use of the space and technology: CAPSULE has been able to take on the challenge and meet the current needs, and not only, in a versatile way. The design combines liveability and flexibility, generating new safe and comfortable spaces that can be transformed and relocated once their function is no longer needed.

The spaces are designed in order to guarantee a high level of comfort to those who will be using them, thanks to an abacus of furnishing, finishings, various cladding systems and systems that almost make them completely self-sustainable. However, the strong point of CAPSULE is its modularity: the study of the proportions and relations with the supporting structure create a dynamic system that can be repeated and configured in different combinations according to specific needs. In addition, CAPSULE guarantees a low environmental impact since the said components can be reused for new uses and locations.


New contexts of use

The modular structure has been designed to complement an existing building, increasing the square metres available to people and generating new possibilities of use. The complete versatility of CAPSULE makes it suitable to cover a wide range of functions in daily living activities.

Here are a few examples of use in the sectors of reference:

  • OFFICE: entrance check-in, offices, meeting room, break area, store;
  • EDUCATIONAL: entrance check-in, classes, meeting room, library, laboratory;
  • RESIDENTIAL: work from home, homeschooling, meeting room, greenhouse, store;
  • PARK: entrance check-in, info-point, park closing, bike sharing, store;
  • HOSPITALITY: check-in, goods check-in, canteen, meeting room, store;
  • SHOPPING: entrance check-in, waiting room, delivery area, canteen, cash area.

The option to reconfigure the module according to various needs enables its relocation and reuse also in a post-Covid stage. CAPSULE is therefore an additional opportunity to increase the value of the buildings and the quality of urban spaces.


A 100% Italian partnership of excellence

The idea, which was created during the lockdown, was developed thanks to a network of Italian companies.

The strong point of the concept of CAPSULE is its rapid construction: the core of the design is doubtlessly the pre-assembled Light Steel Frame, engineered by Manni Green Tech. The Group’s company specialises in off-site steel construction that has numerous advantages: prefabrication in the workshop, reduced construction site assembly times, control of cost and implementation times, low environmental impact, and total recycling of the material.

The design concept of CAPSULE is branded Il Prisma: focusing on man and his way of living spaces has always been the focus point of the design of the Milanese studio, chosen as a partner by Manni Group. Collaboration has permitted the creation of a modular space capable of fulfilling the customer’s needs in a flexible way whilst proposing new experiences and new contexts of use.

On the other hand, Manni Group has identified the brand Lago as the ideal partner for the interior design of CAPSULE: the furnishing adapts naturally to the module, flexible and repeatable, enhancing its function. The intervention mainly focuses on an abacus of display and containment elements based on the Air (Air Shelf and Air Storage) system, freely declinable according to customer specifications.

All solutions can be modified and repositioned and do not impact the envelope in any way since Air is a self-supporting system. Therefore, the mobile elements of CAPSULE are not simply “inserts” in a space, but form part of a single and organic design in a design gesture.


ADA Winner 2020

For the second year running, Manni Group is amongst the winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards, the accolades dedicated to the excellence of international design. 

In 2019, the Group won the accolade for GreenROOF, the solution for green roofs developed by Isopan in collaboration with DAKU Italia Srl. This year, it is CAPSULE by Manni Green Tech and Il Prisma to be selected in the October Longlist and which finally qualified with the title of Winner 2020 in the Construction category.

The international panel of judges of ADA, which is made up of over 60 members from the world of Architecture, Design, Art and Media, have awarded prizes from more than 750 products nominated in 14 categories. Studio Libeskind, Zaha Hadid Architects and UNStudio are amongst the prestigious judges with whom the Group collaborated in the first two editions of the Manni Group Design Award.




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