Albisole, Forlì: the Guidi family chooses Isopan panels again

9 Nov 2017
The new warehouse covering almost 16 thousand square metres is one of the most innovative and largest in Europe – thanks to construction technology and materials.

CARPINELLO, FORLÌ - The new Albisole apricot processing facility was inaugurated on May 20, 2017 in Carpinello, in the Forlì province. It is one of the most innovative and largest facilities in Europe.

Founded in 1968, Agricola Guidi of Roncofreddo has established itself in high quality poultry production and in 2008 it bet on apricot monoculture: from the current 40 thousand processed tonnes in one year it will soon reach one hundred thousand, covering 4% of national production.

“As we already worked in the poultry sector - says Cavalier Giancarlo Guidi who runs the family company, now in its fourth generation, with a turnover of 56 million Euro a year – we wanted to apply its philosophy in the produce sector with apricots: the entire process takes place in controlled atmosphere so the cold cycle is never broken up, with a production capacity of 2,000 quintals of apricots a day.” Packaging has been moved to the second floor to assure the product’s wholesomeness and utmost freshness, so it hits the produce counters of mass retailers within 24 hours.

The experience in poultry processing led to Guidi’s decision to use the same materials, confirming for the new Forlì facility the installation of the Isopan insulating panels already installed in poultry farming facilities.

“One of the aspects that make Albisole one of the best known and appreciated companies in the industry – says Roberto Guidi, Albisole Sales Manager –  is its great attention to every detail. That is why we devoted the same amount of attention to aesthetics as well as technological issues.”

Once it is up and running, the eleven million Euro investment will employ about a hundred people who will be able work in high-tech, safe, well ventilated and bright premises, ion other words, able to assure the well-being of workers as well as product quality.


The new Carpinello facility uses Isocop sandwich panels, ideal for the roofing of agri-livestock facilities due to their high insulating power, and Isoparete Plissé, facade panel with a micro-profiled finish and concealed fixing system. In addition to excellent insulating features, the Guidi family’s choice was dictated by the wish to build an elegant, technologically advanced building, that is safe and hard-wearing.

The project is complemented with the Isofrigo panels, specifically designed to assure excellent seal of cold storage and controlled temperature rooms.


“The price-quality ratio of Isopan products is unquestionably one of the best currently on the market – underlines Cav. Guidi: I no longer believe in concrete, that is why we have been using Isopan products for fifteen years now. That’s where the world is going: steel structures and sandwich panels to erect highly resistant, yet light, ductile and malleable buildings, which feature unrivalled thermal insulation compared with other materials. Working with Isopan is a whole other thing and I believe it is the only way towards the future.



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