An added value of the Russian Isopan plant

4 Dec 2018
Франческо Манни в Москве
On October 24th, Francesco Manni was part of the Italy's leading entrepreneurs committee who joined Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The only way to overcome the crisis is
                                                                                                         to innovate and increasingly look
                                                                                           for products that are better
                                                                           than existing ones…
                                                                                         F. Manni, Manni Group President,
one of the world's leading entrepreneurial
                                                                                excellences, based in Verona.

Prospects for the development of Russian-Italian cooperation despite the current sanctions environment were discussed at the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the heads of Italy's leading enterprises. The meeting was held in Moscow on October 24th, 2018.

Francesco Manni, Manni Group President  − a participant of the top level meeting has a success story to share. Back in 2015 despite the challenging economic situation in Russia, Manni Group chose to keep on trusting and investing in the Russian market by opening its state-of-the-art plant in Volgograd. “The choice of Volgograd, with its industrial history centered on mechanics, made us think that it was here that we could make the most of the assets gained in seventy years of Group activity, founded in 1945 by my grandfather” −  adds Francesco Manni.

Family-owned businesses have strong entrepreneurial activity across time and Manni Group is not an exception. Long-term stability, trust, loyalty – these are the values it has created across generations. The company has gradually grown to become an international Holding which, today, feels the need to introduce itself to a significantly wider, diversified and evolved audience, for which an ongoing and stable long-standing industrial and family tradition go hand in hand with indispensable reliability and assurance.

ISOPAN RUS factory covering an area of 30 thousand square meters is nowadays a model of sustainable production with the capacity to manufacture 3 million square meters of mineral wool panels and PUR/PIR panels, addressed to several applications.

In just 3 years of being present on the Russian market, Manni Group sub-holding company Isopan has achieved a number of milestones among which: entering the top 10 list on production output of insulating metal panels manufacturers in Russia; increasing its presence in extremely sophisticated sandwich panel application areas (severe climatic conditions; highly aggressive environments etc.) requiring high levels of quality and direct access to technical assistance for end users.


In Russia Isopan continues a legacy of excellence with its completed projects. Thus, in mid-2018 it has offered a distinctively new product to the Russian market – unique aluminum coated sandwich panels.  The delivered solution for food processing industry met the user’s requirements for food safety, high corrosion resistance, energy efficiency and sustainability.

An added value of the Russian plant is the two production lines in a continuous cycle, a unique example by a foreign company in the Russian Federation, that make it possible to produce polyurethane panels, one of the most important insulating products for its excellent insulating properties, low conductivity and resistance to moisture and water, and mineral wool panels, efficient thermal and acoustic insulators that are highly draining and fireproof. The company’s plant in Russia demonstrates that with its customer-oriented approach and comprehensive offer Isopan is a reliable partner for many companies worldwide. “We believe that Russia is an indispensable partner for Italian companies today and tomorrow”- concludes Francesco Manni.


To read the complete article from the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce click on the image below.

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Isopan is a world leader in the production of metal insulating panels for building envelopes. Based in Italy and with five companies in the world (Germany, Romania, Spain, Russia and Mexico), for over forty years Isopan has been committed to improving the construction industry by technological innovation, efficient logistics and excellent service, paying special attention to energy efficiency and the reduction of environmental footprint. It promotes a sustainable building industry developing high performing products and innovative solutions.​

Isopan is part of Manni Group, the Italian Holding company based in Verona, that has been operating for over 70 years promoting innovation in the widest applications involving the working and use of steel. The company is committed to increase sustainable, safe and efficient constructions through a constant commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, renovations, reduction of consumption and emissions and increased use of renewable energy. It also controls Manni Sipre, leading company in engineered steel components and systems for the building industry, and Manni Energy, which designs and manufactures renewable energy systems, ensures energy efficiency and Operations & Maintenance services. The Holding includes 14 operating companies, 21 Production, service and distribution centers in Italy and abroad, 1,000 employees, € 571 million annual revenue (2017), 10,000 customers, 66 countries supplied in 4 continents.



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