the new Isopan solution to coat buildings reduces the environmental impact, offers more safety and allows you to save


Ancora più risparmio - icona Cost saving

LEAF allows you achieve greater energy savings thanks to enhanced performance levels, up to 20% above the average market standard.

For those projects aiming to maximize the internal volume, LEAF allows you to get larger space inside the building, thanks to reduced panel thickness and better insulation performance. 

Quantify consumption, help understand exactly how much can be saved each year in an existing building, or know the advantages in order to make prudent choices when designing.
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Sustainability - icon Sustainability

LEAF is a Halogen-free FR technology preserving the environment thanks to its non-halogenated flame retardants.

In addition to that, it  ensures reduced environmental impact from production and lowers CO2 emissions generated by buildings.

LEAF technology enables buildings to achieve improved performance while contributing towards satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most widespread building sustainability certification standard in the world, attesting long-term saving and solid returns on investment of certified constructions.

Isopan forms part of Manni Group and implements its Sustainability Policy. It is a series of intelligent measures focused on certifying the reduction of polluting emissions and implementing a green and circular economy.
LEAF is a technology with the  label

Safety - icona Safety

LEAF provides the best fire-retardant performance for polyurethanes, certified by B s1 d0. It ensures a low smoke propagation and no dripping in case of fire to give high safety and increased protection for both building and people inside.


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