ISOPAN is a world leader in the production of metal and insulating panels. It promotes a sustainable building industry, offering more innovative solutions and the use of safer and more efficient materials.​


ISOPAN is a company of Manni Group, a Holding from Verona founded in 1945, and a leader in the processing of steel for constructions.


With an extensive range of insulating metal panels for walls and roofs, Isopan responds to every functional, production and aesthetic requirement, combining technological efficiency and creative freedom.  


The history of Isopan has far origins; it starts from Italy and develops at international level, ranking the company as the second world manufacturer of insulating panels.


Isopan promotes the efficiency, the quality and the talent in designing, manufacturing and installing walls and roofs. The experience gained in the course of the years has brought us to improve our potential and share it. The updating, the training and the dialog with the professionals who use our...


See in detail the general sale conditions of insulated metal panels, corrugated sheets and accessories.


The quality certification is the first commitment that Isopan has taken towards its Customers. We use only selected suppliers, able to provide trusted and reliable materials, always guaranteed and certified, in full conformity with the international standards


The quality certification is the first plea that Isopan makes to its customers. We get our materials only from selected suppliers, which can provide us with reliable products, always guaranteed and certified in compliance with international rules and standards.

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