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Green spaces, energy efficiency, particular attention to the architectural solutions of the flat roofs: these are the criteria that led to conferring the Honourable Mention RENOLIT to The silk refugee project of the ACL team, United Kingdom.

The team that received DOW Chemical's Mention for the project of the new Xi'An Train Station comes from Australia: the six architects of the Melbourne Amateur School of Design (Shi Pan, Yingna Sun, Jiaao Wang, Tingyi Wang, Xiaohan Mei, Wenjing Li) participated in the Manni Group Design Award with Mo+untain / nument, an innovative design proposal, which respects the millennial traditions of China.

Following Italy and Spain, a studio in Geneva got the third prize of the Manni Group Design Award: Daniel Szalapski and Antonino Scaglione of the Swiss DS-WORKS won with Chariot, the project for the new Xi'An Train Station in the shape of umbrella Dome.

Two simple curved lines, like the ceilings of the ancient Chinese buildings, define a silhouette that will make the new Xi'An Train Station a reference for China and the whole world. Beneath this unique roof, which emanates tradition and future, the project classified second at the Manni Group Design Award comes to light.

A ring that rises from the ground: symbol of union, connection, as well as a full open approach to the world, the ancient city and the future one. A sinuous green roof that refers to the mountain skyline of the Sichuan area.

In recent years the ancient city of Xi’An has become home to one of the most advanced Hi-Tech districts in China. By 2023 the metropolis will expand by 17 km2, becoming a hub of attraction for international affairs and the doorway to anyone looking for new opportunities in the far East.

As a testament to this, in 2019 GreenROOF received the award for the Systems, Components and Materials category at the Archiproducts Design Awards: prizes for the finest examples of international design. 

The project began in 2011 when VELUX Italia decided to build an experimental laboratory at the Politecnico di Milano: this is how VELUXlab developed.

A challenge that Manni Group, supported by YAC, launches to architects all over the world, with a view to internationalization as a driver of company development. An outstanding jury of seven different nationalities, will judge the projects in the competition and declare the winners.

The Greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, I believe, is the protection and development of our habitat

– Walter Gropius


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