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The only way to overcome the crisis is
                                                                                                         to innovate and increasingly look
                                                                                           for products that are better
                                                                           than existing ones…

In January 2018, Isopan Est, located in Romania, started the production of mineral wool insulated panels on a new line, in addition to those with polyurethane, already in production.

With a capacity of 1.6 million square meters per year, the line will produce for the South-East European market, mineral wool panels with superior performance in terms of reaction and resistance to fire.

BRAȘOV – “The history of the Group dates back to 23 years ago: the company started working in the agricultural sector in 1994,” says Nicu Poenaru, farm Manager at Oxville, one of the top bovine and avicultural farms in Transylvania. We are in Brașov, the old Corona, later called the 'Stalin City', a Romanian town of 309,000 inhabitants, located in a predominantly mountainous area and with an industrial vocation.

BOLGHERI - “To be at the top, one needs to excel in all production stages,” says Axel Heinz, oenologist of the celebrated Ornellaia winery that was set up in the early Eighties in the prized countryside of Bolgheri (LI), by the Frescobaldi family. Here, even the Isoclass insulating panels contribute to the fame of Ornellaia, reputed one of the most “iconic wineries worldwide.”

KLAGENFURT - Klagenfurt in Austria, the home of bikers, saw the birth in April 2015 of NCT Motorcycles, company specialising in multi-brand customisation of new and vintage motorbikes. David Widmann, the young owner, outfits them with technological solutions and renovates vintage motorbikes. He renovates and refits many BMWs and Hondas, but his great passion is Italian motorbikes such as Moto Guzzi and especially Ducati.

CARPINELLO, FORLÌ - The new Albisole apricot processing facility was inaugurated on May 20, 2017 in Carpinello, in the Forlì province. It is one of the most innovative and largest facilities in Europe.

Founded in 1968, Agricola Guidi of Roncofreddo has established itself in high quality poultry production and in 2008 it bet on apricot monoculture: from the current 40 thousand processed tonnes in one year it will soon reach one hundred thousand, covering 4% of national production.

17 April 2015. For ISOPAN, the road to Expo2015 travelled through the Czech Republic. This was because the architectural concept of the Czech pavilion, developed by general contractor Koma Modular in collaboration with the architectural firm Chybik + Kristoff, made exemplary use of principles of modular architecture with Isopan panels as a key element.

4 December 2015.The internationalisation plan of Isopan, a European leader in the production of insulation panels for buildings, marks another achievement: on 3 December in Silao, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, the company inaugurated its 7th production plant in the world.

The site is located on a total area of 55,000 sq m, of which 14,000 are built in the "Puerto Interior" industrial park. With a manufacturing output 2 million sq m of panels per year and the use of cutting-edge technology, this is the most efficient and advanced plant in the country.

In response to growing demand for insulated panels with reaction and fire resistance, Isopan has invested in a new production line in the factory located in Romania wich will be operational in 2017. The new line will produce, in addition to the polyurethane sandwich panels already in production, mineral wool insulation panels.

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