The EPD is an Environmental Product Declaration that reports the results of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), i.e. the analysis of the impacts generated on the environment during the entire life cycle of the product, from the extraction of raw materials, through production and use, to disposal.

Factory Mutual 

FM Approvals is an international leader in testing and approval services and is part of FM Global, a worldwide building insurance and risk management company.

The “sustainability” concept  has a special meaning for Manni Group: it is not just something to be done, it is a way of working, paying the right attention to all the requests and impacts generated by how it operates. In all aspects.

The Group bases its ability to generate lasting, shared value with all Stakeholders for the choices, actions, activities and projects performed as an organisation.

A pre-assembled lightweight steel load-bearing structure completed by dry cladding systems and systems able to rapidly create and increase spaces for daily living activities.

The reference site is the city of Detroit, specifically the deserted riverfront area where the Joe Louis Arena used to be. The participants of the 2020 contest are required to design a new mixed-use district which includes luxury residences, hotels, business area, commercial and cultural centres.

Participants are asked to design a sustainable requalification of this deserted area of the city of Detroit facing the river and immersed in the skyscrapers of downtown. Following the success of the debut edition, which involved designing the Xi’An station in China, again this year the commission includes architects and designers of ten different nationalities from the most prestigious firms on the international scene.

After the success of the Xi'An Train Station Contest in 2019, with excellent proposals from 75 countries around the world, this year's focus moves to the USA: the competition launched by Manni Group, in collaboration with YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Sterling Group, invites participants to design a new mixed-use quarter in the urban void overlooking the river and surrounded by the skyscrapers of downtown Detroit, Michigan.

In 2015, following the COP 21 conference held in Paris, the 196 participating countries unanimously agreed to reduce carbon dioxide production “as soon as possible” and to strive to keep global warming “well below 2 °C” above pre-industrial levels. Setting out to achieve the climate-changing emission reduction targets as required by the scientific community and the Paris Agreement means that “science-based targets” need to be set to prevent the worst consequences of climate change.


On August 8, 2020 a fire occurred in the facility of Isopan RUS. This incident damaged the raw material warehouse and interrupted the normal activities. There are no injuries among our colleagues, only economic damages. Isopan RUS has collected a significant amount of orders over the last few months, so at this moment the Group is committed to speed up the full recovery of the plant in order to mitigate the shipment delays. 

A pre-assembled intensive care unit ready in just over two months: it is the new project designed by Manni Green Tech and made possible by the synergy of companies and professionals in the industry.

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