Architecture and territory

The Filippi company, based in the southern German region of Baden- Württemberg, produces and resells trapezoidal ISO profiles. The company has decided to use Isopan products, not only for the expansion of the company, but also for its employees, to whom he wanted to offer a more comfortable working environment. For the company it was especially important to be able to store and work the products correctly. It is for this reason that Filippi has chosen to mainly use sandwich panels, as they are quick to work and also allow a perfect insulation from heat, cold and sound.

It hosts an exhibition on the last 100 years of the country's history, supported by the latest multimedia technology. The distinctive feature of this building is its special external cladding, made of insulating panels that are engraved and perforated with extreme accuracy, forming the characteristic floral patterns inspired by Russian tradition.

Among the most complex territorial zoning actions of the municipal administration, there is the town planning development, that has an important and critical role for the future and wellbeing of the society. Building new houses in Italy is considered as an income source for the empty funds of the municipality, which do not allow long-term recovery and safeguard of the territory.

Diogene is a prototype created by the italian architect Renzo Piano and his staff, in collaboration with Matthias Schuler (from Transsolar, for the energetic efficiency) and Maurizio Milan (Favero & Milan, for static evaluations). It is interesting because it is a starting point for some thoughts on topics like self-sufficiency, sustainability and living versatility, all enclosed in narrow spaces.

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