ISOPAN is a world leader in the production of metal and insulating panels. It promotes a sustainable building industry, offering more innovative solutions and the use of safer and more efficient materials.​


Many markets, only one brand​
The Gruppo Isopan’s HQ is in Verona and controls six production companies worldwide.
In Italy, it has two production plants in Frosinone and in Verona; worldwide, it owns Isopan Ibérica in Tarragona (Spain); Isopan Est in Bucharest (Romania); Isopan Deutschland in Plötz (Halle, Germany); Isopan Rus in Volzhskiy (Volgograd, Russia); and Isocindu in Silao (Guanajuato, Mexico), and two commercial offices for France (Mérignac) and the Czech Republic (Prague). Furthermore, the International Business Division designs specific solutions for the requirements of the various Countries where Isopan is distributed. The widespread presence on the territory and a well-established network of trade agents allow us to control the most important markets in the world.
For over forty years, Isopan has been committed in improving the building sector by offering solutions that combine the functionality of the materials, the sustainability of the process, the safety of the dwellers, and the energy efficiency of the buildings, be them new buildings or restored buildings. Our sandwich panels contribute in getting credits useful for the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most popular standard of sustainability certification for buildings; the electric power necessary to manufacture them comes from photovoltaic systems.
We collaborate with the main associations of the sector, Universities and research institutes, to develop innovative solutions able to add value to the properties and the projects of our clients.

Our mission
Our work is to provide the building market with technological innovation applied to the insulating panel and guarantee an efficient logistics and an excellent service in the most sustainable way from an environmental, social and economic point of view.
We are not only suppliers of building materials, but a reliable partner always able to offer state-of-the-art solutions and grow with our clients.
To reach this goal, the commitment and the passion of our staff and of our collaborators are paramount, just like the dialog with our clients, with whom we try to establish solid and lasting relations.

More value to your building
Isopan cares about your projects and helps you to realize them, starting from the concept to end with the final project.
We promote a sustainable building industry, offering solutions for the renewal of the buildings, the reduction of consumption and of the waste of energy and resources.
We contribute to the quality of the constructions through the use of reliable materials, in full conformity with the international standards.
The Isopan products guarantee more efficiency, more innovation and more safety: the perfect thermal insulation and soundproofing of the buildings, their solidity, their air tightness and sound absorption contribute to protect them against fire by blocking it and limiting its extension.
Our priority and that of our constantly up-to-date professionals and highly specialized technicians is to offer the right choice for our customers.
Isopan knows the market and the materials very well and keeps itself constantly updated on the major trends and reference standards, marrying aesthetics and functionality.

Isopan’s numbers

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