Active on the market for the past 14 years, TENA-TEX is one of the largest suppliers of textiles in the Czech Republic. The company is passionate about catering to its customers and aims to supply the best products and the highest quality. It is precisely this attention to detail that led TENA-TEX to strive to be innovative, not only in terms of their work but also in terms of aesthetics. This is why the company turned to Isopan DE who, with 782 sqm of Isodeck Synth panels and 919 sqm of Isofrigo panels, was able to address this need.

Thanks to the design of the Isopan insulating panels, the company's high quality is already visible from the exterior of the facility.

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Production sites: Patrica, Trevenzuolo, Germany, Spain, Russia
Production sites: Patrica, Romania, Spain, Germany

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